Don't replace: respray!

Resprayed bedroom cupboardsMake your kitchen look as good as new – at a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen. Give your kitchen cupboards a facelift: let Rembrandt Spray Painters respray your kitchen cupboard doors and appliances and give your space a new lease on life. We have a full range of colours available.

In addition to comprehensive respraying services in a wide range of colours and finishes, Rembrandt Spray Painters can arrange for the fitting of brand new counter tops and additional cupboards.

Which surfaces can be painted?

When it comes to respraying cupboards and appliances, your imagination is the limit. Melamine, pine, oak and supawood can all be prepared and spray-painted. At Rembrandt we offer all the finishes: matt, satin, high gloss, and everything in between.

We specialise in respraying:

  • kitchen and bedroom cupboard doors
  • household/office furniture
  • cane furniture
  • bars and coffee tables
  • outdoor furniture

Restore your fridge - resprayIn addition, Rembrandt offers expert derusting and respraying of all appliances, including:

  • fridges
  • washing machines
  • dishwashers

We have mastered the highly popular stainless steel finish, giving a new lease on life to supermarket deli and island refrigerators, lift doors and lift door frames.

Is your garden furniture looking tired?

Wrought iron, cast aluminium and alubare quality plastic outdoor furniture are all ideal candidates for sandblasting and respraying. We prepare and spray paint aluminium, mild steel and all metal products.

We offer on-site spray painting for any items which cannot be moved to the workshop.